Version binaries are outdated bootstrap nodes, update their nodes through the vanilla, branch source code. Current users of 0.5.1 and versions will have to resynchronize the chain. Make backups before any action!!!
This is a live (core) network overview. It is updated every 60 seconds by a decentralized network crawler.

  • Version - The node version.
  • Protocol - The node Protocol.
  • Height - The node's current block height.
  • Uptime - The node uptime in seconds.
  • Last Update - The last time in seconds the node has contacted us.
  • Last Probe - The last time in seconds the we have contacted the node.
  • RTT - The node round trip time in seconds.
  • UDP Bps(In) - The UDP Bytes Per Second Inbound.
  • UDP Bps(Out) - The UDP Bytes Per Second Outbound.
  • TCP Open - Indicates if the public TCP port is open/reachable.

Network health is Bad (0%)

0 public peers, 0 firewalled peers, 0 total

Average round trip time: nan ms

Block height: 0, average: NAN

AddrServicesLastsendLastrecvConntimeVersionSubverInboundReleasetimeStartingheightBanscore; Windows)/1-113113770; Linux)/1-113114140; Windows)/1-113114170; Windows)/1-113113880; Windows)/1-113113710; Linux)/1-113114270; Linux)/1-113114050; Linux)/1-113114170; Linux)/1-113116650; Linux)/1-113113840; Linux)/1-113113740